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"I began training with Connor circa 2016 after growing tired of my same routine at a big gym and attending classes but not pushing myself, not knowing what to do and not seeing any progress.
Quickly I started to notice improvements in my strength, flexibility and energy levels; all of these things had a huge positive impact on my day to day life, being a grandma to 9 children I need all of the strength and energy I can get and the value it has added to my life being stronger and fitter than ever before is so important to me.
It was when we started to concentrate on nutrition, that I really noticed big differences in my body shape; originally we discussed things like reducing risk of osteoporosis and how to maintain muscle in the long term but as I started to improve my health and understand nutrition through speaking with Connor and Integrum’s online coaching group I have received so many compliments and feel a lot more confident in myself."

Maxine Walker

Age 61
Personal Training Client 
Online group nutrition 


About Integrum

Integrum nutrition and fitness is a private and corporate nutrition and fitness consultancy providing a range of clients all the support and tools to achieve any outcome.
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Scientific evidence and research is at the core of everything we do, we pride ourselves on the amount of time and resources we commit to staying up to date and ensuring our clients benefit from using proven strategies and information.
A combination of the scientific evidence and working closely with many clients with real challenges both online and in-person has provided us with the skills and experience to work with you to overcome all of your nutrition and fitness challenges, achieving whatever goals you may have!



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The world of health and nutrition is a confusing place with all kinds of confusing information.
It makes us genuinely sad to see people who are not seeing the results or benefits they should be just because they are confused or worse lost in the murky waters of misinformation.
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Available now for just £69:
Bespoke Nutrition Plans

We are very excited about the creation of our evidence based plans which use latest research to accurately tailor a plan and guidelines to you, your needs and your goals.
You can even adjust your approach between fasting and normal meal times, what time you work-out, if at all and more.


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